I taught Emma Kenney, who plays Harris Conner Healy in the “Roseanne” reboot, how to Skip-It

Last week, Emma Kenney showed up at HelloGiggles HQ wearing a bright yellow flannel with high-waisted blue denim.

“You look exactly like Darlene,” I said, probably without even saying “hi” because I’m awkward as hell. Darlene is Roseanne Conner’s daughter on the ABC show Roseanneand Emma plays Darlene’s daughter, Harris, in the reboot that premiered on March 27th (with bonkers high ratings, no less).

After talking about how Emma was born to play Darlene’s daughter (the resemblance is scary-striking), the two of us walked over to the studio, where cameras and two original Skip-Its that our executive editorial video producer, Dan, bought on Ebay, were set up. The Skip-It counters were broken and they were both a little dinged up, but they still worked, and I was determined to show Gen Z teen Emma Kenney how to use the toy. If we were going to discuss a popular ’90s show, we also might as well play with a popular ’90s toy. That’s how logic works, right?

When I asked what we should expect of Harris, Emma told HG that her character “has a lot of Darlene’s dry wit sense of humor, she’s very deadpan. But then she’s also got a lot of Roseanne’s savageness and quick one-liners.”

And if you first fell in love with Emma on Shameless, where she plays Debbie Gallagher, just know that Debbie has a lot in store for her in Season 10 of the series, as well. “No spoiler alerts, but she had an accident toward the end of this past season, and that’s really sad because [her job] was her livelihood…I see her 100 percent finding something else to do, or try to continue welding.” Want more? Watch the full interview above!