I See You Picking That Nose, Girl

You all have seen it. Bumper to bumper traffic. Music blaring. You have to pee. You look over at the car next to you and there they are just getting after it: nose picking. Just like passing gas, it’s a human characteristic that we are still embarrassed by but sometimes do anyway without thinking. I mean, Lil Momma (that’s me, you know that by now) is #1 champion at nose picking. I wish I could say I was a sex pot that thinks it’s gross, but boy oh boy do I love getting in there and finding the good ones, then flicking them as far as I can, like an Olympic shotputter. Turned off by my honesty? Well, what if someone told you that that mucus you pick from your nose, if eaten, can be good for you? Then would you be such a lame-o about my nose picking skills? (Probably.)

I know this concept might be impossible to digest, but stick with me. Scott Napper, who teaches biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, is proposing an experiment with his students that will have half the class pick their nose. And, the other half will pick their nose and eat it. Yum. Then he will track the body’s immune system to see if this mucus can help your body fight against germs. (The thought of this is making me hungry.) Now we can’t point and laugh at little kids when they are four fingers in on a day out with their parents because heck, they might be onto something.


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