I See You, Bra! Undergarments Worth Flaunting

You know those days where it’s so hot, you wish it were socially acceptable to walk around in your underwear? Yep, I’m feeling that way right about now. Even though panties and a bra may not be a viable option, a little [properly executed] bra visibility never hurt anyone – especially with the right outfit.

Now that it’s summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), I don’t suspect you’ll be whipping out turtleneck sweaters and down feather jackets. But if and when you do wear that baggy tank, almost-transparent shirt and cool knit sweater, don’t wear some generic T-shirt bra with heavy straps. There are too many great options out there for you to pass up this bra-pportunity (I crack myself up).

I know not everyone is gonna be down with the whole peek-a-boo bra look, but here’s the thing: bras can make you feel confident and sexy even when they’re not visible. So why not take a gander at some of these flaunt worthy bras anyway?

Sporty & Strappy

I don’t know who created the misconception that all sporty bras had to be frumpy and un-sexy, but companies like MICHI, VPL and Lululemon (while expensive) are quickly [and thankfully] debunking that myth. I love sports bras. I have been wearing them underneath perforated T-shirts, knit sweaters and baggy tank tops for quite a while now. They’re just easy. They’re also great for those days when you just wanna say “f*ck all” and relax a bit. I can only speak for myself on this one, but for whatever reason, I’m immediately drawn to outfits that have ONE sporty element to them – be it a bra, a pair of sneakers or an athletic tee. It just adds a little something special to an otherwise conventional outfit.

Showing off your bra does not mean showing off your knockers. Your bra is there to add another layer/dimension to your wardrobe. Keep it classy and mysterious:

Lacy & Delicate

I love a classically sexy, delicate bra just as much as I love a sports bra. I think a little peek of lace underneath a plunging neckline or exposed back can bring a chic and sultry look to your wardrobe without being too “va va voom”. This whole delicate lace endeavor can be a tricky one, though – especially if your boobs are on the bigger side. My sisters and I have all fluctuated from C cups to DDD back to D cups and everything in between. I’ve found that companies like Chantelle and Wacoal have gorgeous, embellished bras (with underwires!) for ladies who fall beyond the DD spectrum. Ladies who are able to wear soft bras without any saggy baggy worries – Cosabella and Hanky Panky have soft, lacy bras in every color imaginable. See what floats your boat!

Dropped necklines and baggy tanks are a great place to start experimenting if you haven’t already:

Now, this is not to say that you should flaunt your bra with every outfit. Stick to concealing your bra parts in fitted tanks, T-shirts and dresses. If you end up needing to go somewhere formal, I think it’s always a safe bet to get a bra that works for your ensemble. I mean, I like nice bras but I wouldn’t recommend wearing a lacy bra if you’ve got a backless gown or something like that.

And in case I haven’t driven the point home already:

Phew. Happy bra browsing, everybody!

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