I Saved A Man’s Life And It Was Crazy


Now, here’s the deal with lil’ ole me: I have impulsive behavior. Like, big time. I once bought a puppy on a whim while doing my laundry. BOUGHT. Not adopted – bought. (This was, of course, way before I knew how terrible puppy mills were.) I then had to return it four hours later because it hit me: holy crap… I can’t take care of a puppy. That is just one of the many insane thought processes that run through my mind on a day-to-day basis.

Now, this Easter Sunday morning was just about perfect. Mimosas, roasted eggs, veggie sausage and an outdoor patio seating that allowed me to come to the rescue of a man who got into a semi-major car accident right outside the restaurant. When it happened, I immediately ran without thinking across the street to make sure they were okay. No one else made the move until after I was there. Not bragging, just gauging who watches and who acts, is all.

A man gets out and claims he is fine and doesn’t realize he is gushing blood from the top of his head. I keep him calm, holler for someone to call 911 and ask for napkins to stop the bleeding. This man, hit by the car in his car, still really hasn’t processed what happened. He just kept saying, “Someone please check on my daughter inside the restaurant. She will be scared.”

My point? Priorities. I ran across to save him. He made sure someone could ‘save’ her. Priorities trickle down to people in the most interesting ways. He was less concerned with his well being and more concerned that his daughter would be scared if she saw Daddy like this. I thought it was beautiful. And I now could see how those that help others for a living find peace. Drive safe, kids. I can’t save all of you.

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