I Love The Chris Gethard Show and You Should Too

I love The Chris Gethard Show with all my heart and I am so thankful to have found the show through my obsessive love for comedy.

I’ve been watching for the past year and a half and I have grown because of it. Chris Gethard is the most influential person I have ever virtually encountered. I have no shame in saying that Chris Gethard is my hero. One of his most praised quotes is “Loser is the new nerd!” (When you read this, say it with enthusiasm and tattoo it somewhere on your body). This quote erupted from the fact that society has taken over the stereotypical “nerd” persona to be seen as a chic trend. When in reality, those who truly are “nerds” don’t actually have a choice. Chris encourages his fans to “Lose well”, this can also mean: don’t be afraid of losing or better yet, failing. This is something that deeply stuck into my teenage girl brain.

The Chris Gethard Show airs live every Wednesday night at 11 pm, unless stated otherwise, on thechrisgethardshow.com or MNN (Manhattan’s public access channel). I like this show. I like it a lot and I will always standby and support TCGS. This show has helped me grow as well as so many others. I can not begin to describe the mental and emotional aid it has offered so many fans around the world! The Chris Gethard Show is my drug. I admit, I am addicted to TCGS. I live through it every week and feel a sense of comfort and community. So many smart and creative comedians use TCGS as a platform to showcase their work, their “s**ty art”, as Chris would say. Many of these performers are from my favorite place in the world, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (I’ve never actually been to The UCB or New York but that doesn’t mean it can’t be my favorite place, right? YES). This show has introduced me to so many new creative minds that I might have never known of before. Such as, Shannon O’Neill (@Spotastic on twitter) one of my favorite ladies (if not, my favorite lady) in the world. Shannon is a powerful woman, the equivalent to Beyoncé or Leslie Knope. She brings an extra spice to TCGS and I love it. I love her and I love what she stands for. I can only hope that one day she’ll be my improv teacher if I ever get to leave the suburbs. Back to the show– Like I said, there is a plethora of talented comics, like Chris & Shannon, that make TCGS what it is. The Chris Gethard Show is great. I can probably just continuously discuss every aspect of the show that I love but that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here because I believe in TCGS. I believe it can be greater.

There is a severely high chance that TCGS will not be able to continue for another full year. Chris recently said in his 100th episode (Episode “Hundo”) that the show will probably make it to Sandwich Night, a new American holiday, and the future of TCGS from that day on can not be determined. Why might this amazing-sounding show soon end, you ask? Well, it’s because there is no money in public access… because it’s public access.

The thought of this beautiful weekly televised cult meeting ending is almost like knowing that you’re favorite band (She & Him or w/e) is about to sing their last song of the night and you have no clue if there will be an encore performance! I desperately wish that ANY network finds TCGS to be as hilarious and charming as the fans do, and decides to pick it up AKA the best choice a network can make AKA jackpot! AKA $$$. Having TCGS hit mainstream television is the only way it can survive. If you’ve ever believed in someone and seen them fall down, you’d want to help the person stand back up. I want TCGS to get the recognition it deserves before it crumbles and is never seen again. I wouldn’t be writing this post if I didn’t think that The Chris Gethard Show had potential to grow it’s fan base and transform into a larger brand. Everyone who works on the show, devotes their life to it. People show up every week to this studio with their own costumes, props, material, and so on.

This is special. I can guarantee that if each one of those performers didn’t believe in TCGS, they wouldn’t be there. The same goes for audience members, interns, and volunteers. I know The Chris Gethard Show can make it, it can compete with other comedies/variety-sketch shows.

TCGS helped push me to follow through with my dream of working in comedy/media. I can only pray to Yeezus that one day The Chris Gethard Show will transpire into a well organized television show on a popular network. I hope I can physically be a part of it and possibly write for the show. I want it to exist just to exist. I want the creative masterminds behind it to have a feeling of accomplishment. I don’t want them to lose this time. Chris Gethard, if you’re reading this, I want to let you know that we’re thankful that you believe in us. And we believe in you.

I assume that if you’re reading this, you’re either: A) already a fan of Chris Gethard B) You are Chris Gethard C) A curious and very smart individual that took precious time out your busy day to read this post and thus share it with every human you know… OR… D) My mom.

If you’re going through a tough time or are depressed, TCGS is a place where you’ll be safe, be entertained, and find new friends that can relate to your life struggles. IT’S FREE THERAPY!

I urge anyone who is reading this to look into the show, watch a few episodes- heck, watch ’em all (Subscribe to TCGS on iTunes), order a t-shirt, etc.

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