What happened when I had a past lives regression ceremony in my living room

As I pulled the trigger of my red dollar store lighter, burning the fourth candle in my living room, my nerves continued to serge through my entire body with anticipation of the evening’s events ahead of me. Lighting these candles served to create a calming atmosphere after I had spent a good hour of nervous energy cleaning my house for guests. I really love horoscopes and any kind of personality test — I also have been known to blame Mercury being in retrograde for bad things that happen, and have definitely had my tarot cards read a time or two. But on this evening, my intrigue was graduating to a whole new level.

I was hosting a past lives regression ceremony in my living room.

Being open to the mystical and magical has always been a part of my interests; I felt it came from being an imaginative Pisces. As I have gotten older, I’ve learned about more mystical and planetary elements, but never participated in anything other than reading online — until now.

I knew I had to have the right people with me during this strange new activity. I couldn’t have any skeptics. I needed other like-minded imaginatives — people who were close friends, people who’d also believe this would be fun! I knew my cousin Samantha had to be there — we maintained a special bond as we grew up. She always made me feel like I had a voice among our loud, large family. As adults, we embrace each other as freelance colleagues and friends.

Samantha was the one who connected me with Jamie Braun, a woman who performs past life regressions.

Samantha had previously done a past life regression with Jamie, and her story inspired me to try it out. I learned of my cousin’s beautifully sad past life when she introduced me to Jamie over a bottle of wine and Spanish tapas in a low-lit restaurant month’s prior. Samantha said that learning about her past life informed her about a lot of her instincts today. Samantha said that, during the regression, she had memories of being on a horse and in a village, ultimately killed for speaking her truth. Today, Samantha speaks for organizations and people whose voices aren’t heard, and that past life experience provided clarity on her passions today.

As a 20-something already feeling like I’m always searching for meaning and understanding I immediately became intrigued and decided I wanted to try this for myself.

Jamie explained to me that she went to a past lives regression workshop and learned how to perform the regression while she was there.

She described it as a type of hypnosis where you dive into your subconscious and learn something about yourself.

Her explanation and excitement of the activity, coupled with her contagious laughter and comforting energy, convinced me that I would feel comfortable doing this with her.

This feminine, ethereal squad wouldn’t be complete without my close friend, Sarah. She was the last link required to create the safe space and energy for this new experience. All four of us convened in my living room on a warm Thursday evening for the past lives regression ceremony. Two seasoned veterans and two newbies — but all four were open and ready for what was ahead.

Jamie instructed me on how the process was going to work. She was going to walk me through to a subconscious state, which was going to take about an hour. She said emotions were to be expected, and that I would likely feel drained afterwards. With this knowledge, I laid on my back with my feet up on the couch, and Jamie began to instruct me through my regression.

She started by walking me through breathing exercises, and as a lover of yoga, this practice felt very familiar to me. My mind started to quiet — though I worried that I wasn’t going to be fully hypnotized because I was still aware that Jamie was asking me questions, and that I was on my couch, but I continued on. Next, Jamie instructed me to imagine a cloud of light that took me to a set of stairs. She told me to walk down the flight of stairs — I pictured them as a longer version of the stairs to my basement. Once there, she described a hallway full of doors. I pictured that hallway, she told me to pick a door, and I did. Then she asked me to speak out loud and describe the door.

I surprised myself when I spoke up to tell her what I saw was a white door, with a golden doorknob. There was light around the door frame. Jamie continued to prompt questions and I answered with what I envisioned. I could see my legs and feet. It was light all around me. I felt like I was walking on air. I was alone and I was spinning — I could feel myself spinning. It felt disorienting, but I was happy. At one point, Jamie asked me to move forward, and she asked how I was feeling. I told her I was free while warm tears rolled down my cheeks. Once the spinning stopped, I said I felt “complete.”

Jamie then brought me back to the cloud of light, through the door, back up the stairs, to me opening my eyes up back to my living room.

I wiped my tears for a few minutes more sitting up to face the women who went with me on this journey. Jamie and Samantha said that sometimes you go to a deep corner of your subconscious where you can feel emotions, instead of witnessing specific surroundings. Sarah mentioned that, during the regression, I’d described experiences relevant to my current life — I often feel that my life is out of control, spinning away from me.

Jamie concluded this recap by firmly stating, “You go where you’re supposed to.”

Jamie then walked Sarah through an identical process. After walking through her door, Sarah said she felt people lifting her up and holding her hands. When it was over, she too needed to wipe away her tears. Both of us felt such strong emotional reactions unlike anything we have ever experienced.

After Sarah’s regression, we all stayed in a circle, facing each other. The candle glow softly lit our faces as we were newly bonded by this shared experience. Walking through our subconscious, we found some clarity along with more questions. I feel that, although I didn’t learn about a specific past life like my cousin, I did discover some personal emotions that clarified my life today.

Even when I feel out of control and a bit lost, I am still free.

Ultimately, life is a mystery. I will continue to enjoy it as I search for the hidden meanings every day.

If you’re interested and want to know more about what Jamie Braun does, check out her website here.

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