‘I got it from my mama’ — a toast in time for Mother’s Day

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Oh, Mama — the mother and daughter relationship is one that’s both tender and trying. For all the moments when Mom seems like your best friend, there’s that time she chastised you about what you should or shouldn’t do around boys, or that mortifying moment when she announced to the entire department store that why yes, you were looking for training bras. (Mo-ommmmm!) But despite it all, she’s there to comfort you and to guide the way through the ups and downs of life. Those of us with mothers know what they bring to our lives; those of us who hope to become mothers one day wish to do the moniker proud.

So this Sunday, bust out the flowers, the breakfast in bed, the gift you bought after pooling allowance money together with your siblings, and maybe play the below playlist on a boombox outside her room, Say Anything style: This Mother’s Day, give thanks to your mother and all the mothers out there in the world. Girls run the world, and that extends to the women who raised them.

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