I got a crystal massage to help me focus before a really insane week

With the ever-growing popularity of crystals, aka healing stones, you (or someone you know) may have a few in your possession by now. Although they’re currently on trend, people have been using crystals for healing purposes all throughout history. Massage therapists have been incorporating them into their practices for years — it’s a great way to add some extra magic to an already healing experience. 

Originating from ancient Hindu traditions, chakras are believed to be energy centers in the human body. There are seven base chakras that can determine a person’s well-being depending on whether they are “blocked” or “balanced.” Massage is believed to help balance chakras when they’re out of whack, and crystals can help elevate the healing. For example, if your throat, or Vishuddha chakra, is blocked, you might have trouble communicating. Since a stone like lapis lazuli is good for communication, this is a good crystal to use on the throat chakra. 

With an insanely busy week ahead, I decided to get a crystal massage to help keep me grounded.

The Now is a luxe massage space in LA that offers the option of adding crystal healing to their services.

This is where I went to try out a crystal massage, aka my weapon against a crazy week filled with nonstop events and meetings.

After undressing and getting into the massage bed, the therapist began to place various stones on top of my chakras.

Apophyllite, a gorgeous opaque white stone sat on my crown chakra to help me connect to a higher state of consciousness, while Amethyst was set on top of my third eye to help with intuition and foresight. As expected, Rose Quartz, a stone that helps with self-love and love for others, was placed on my heart chakra. Citrine was put on top of my solar plexus, a very important chakra that determines personal strength; Tiger’s Eye was set on my Sacral Chakra to help with emotional balance, and finally, Hematite was put on my root chakra for grounding and protection.


With the stones sitting on my chakras, the therapist started to give me a Swedish massage. There wasn’t anything too different about the massage itself, but the presence of the crystals did make me feel different. Instead of getting super drowsy and falling asleep (I usually wake myself up with one loud, short snore, btw), I was relaxed yet still awake.

Even though I went in slightly anxious from my brimming calendar, my mind quickly settled down after the crystals were put in place.

Coincidence? Who knows!


After my session was finished, I felt completely rejuvenated and ready to take on the week. While there hasn’t been concrete scientific evidence that crystals will actually heal your ailments, there’s something about placing a beautiful rose quartz stone on top of your heart (or in your bra) that some people find soothing, including me. I truly believe that the crystal massage reduced my stress while getting me focused at the same time, and that’s pretty much what matters.

The Now offers massage services starting at $35, and you can get crystal healing for an additional $10.

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