Busy Philipps walks around naked to set a good example for her daughters, because she’s the ultimate cool mom

The wait is over: Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty is finally in theaters. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and laugh until you cry. I Feel Pretty is about a woman named Renee (Schumer) who struggles with self-worth and being confident in who she is. But after she hits her head during a SoulCycle class, she sees herself in a new light — as a beautiful, flawless woman. Over the course of the movie, along with her BFFs (played by Busy Philipps and Aidy Bryant), Renee’s total confidence in her appearance gives her the confidence to be herself in every single aspect of her life — at work, in love, and beyond.

I Feel Pretty is a sweet, hilarious, and oh-so relatable reminder that no matter what you look like on the outside, if you have the ultimate confidence in yourself on the inside, you can change your life. It gently reminds you to love and embrace yourself just as you are, and insists that you are enough.

Busy Philipps, who plays Renee’s friend Jane in the film, has two young daughters IRL. Birdie is nine and Cricket is four. (If you don’t follow Busy on Instagram, remedy that ASAP. Her commentary on life and snapshots of her daughters will instantly bring a smile to your face.) We spoke with Philipps about how she discusses body positivity with them.

"I try to be very careful about the things I say about myself in front of them," Philipps told HelloGiggles. "I walk around naked a lot or just like, in my underwear. I try to be comfortable in my body around them, my own body, so they can see a woman comfortable in their body. Their dad hugs them a lot and kisses them a lot and gives them a lot of attention, which I also think is important. And I try to be careful about the language I use about food, my body, and myself around them."


Philipps said a lot of that language is about how physically strong her daughters are.

"We talk about how strong their bodies are. We talk about bodies in terms of strength. That’s something that we focus on. Birdie does indoor rock climbing, like bouldering without ropes, which is A) terrifying and B) she’s like, super strong and really good at it."


All in all, Philipps just tries to remain aware of how her words and actions, even small ones, influence Birdie and Cricket.

"I just try to be aware. I think it’s very important. We hear so much messaging from our moms. I’ve had friends who had struggles with eating disorders. And then you go back and they’re like, 'Well, my mom was always on a diet, my mom this, my mom that.' And it’s like, 'Oh, okay, right.' That pattern starts imprinting on you when you’re a very tiny, tiny child. We also focus on healthy food, but we don’t limit. The girls have ice cream, the girls have treats. I’m not a no-sugar house. But we try to have a nice balance and not put too much focus on it."


Busy Philipps, you’re definitely a cool mom. No, you’re the COOLEST mom.


I Feel Pretty is now playing in theaters.

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