Here’s the part of I Feel Pretty that makes Busy Philipps cry the hardest, in case you want to plan your sobbing fits in advance

We’re so, so excited that Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty is FINALLY (almost) here. The movie is about a woman named Renee (Schumer) who struggles with confidence and self-worth. But when she hits her head during a spin class, she suddenly begins to see herself as a supermodel. It gives her total and complete confidence in herself. Even though I Feel Pretty is a comedy that will make you LOL over and over, it’s also packed with honest, touching moments that will unexpectedly make you cry. Like, a lot.

You’ll cry at the end of the movie and during plenty of sweet moments in the middle. But you’ll get especially teary during the beginning. And it’s not just us — Busy Philipps, who plays Renee’s friend Jane in I Feel Pretty, agrees.

“I always cry in the first 10 minutes of that movie — when you see this woman who is trying her hardest, and she doesn’t feel like it’s working for her, and what that is,” Philipps told HelloGiggles. “It’s a really funny, funny movie. But it’s incredibly grounded. And you buy into the whole conceit, which is sort of a ridiculous conceit for a film, because of how great and grounded Amy is and because of those first 10 minutes. I think if you don’t have those first 10 minutes of the movie, which are sort of atypical for a romantic comedy or a big comedy, I think the rest of the movie doesn’t really work. You have to understand the reality. It’s so relatable. It’s so somebody that you know or you are.”

Basically, I Feel Pretty is the Up of spring comedies. You’ll cry a LOT during the first ten minutes.

Philipps agreed that the rest of the film is equally as emotional.

"The transformation that she has and coming to realize that it has been her all along [is so powerful]. She has always been enough and she’s always been capable of whatever she wanted to achieve. She just had to believe it. It’s so powerful. It’s easier for me to sit across from you and tell you, 'Of course you can do this. You’re strong, you’re powerful, you’re clearly smart, you’re clearly beautiful.' All these things. But then for me to look in the mirror and do the same thing — sometimes it’s challenging. It’s tricky."

I Feel Pretty hits theaters on Friday, April 20th!

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