I F-ing Love Science Facebook Run By A Girl, Stupid People Respond With Their Outside Voice

Last week, Elise Andrew, who runs the I F*cking Love Science Facebook page that has 4.3 million fans, posted a link to her newly created Twitter account, which included a photo of her.

Cut to a bajillion people using their keyboards before their smarts, going berserk over the fact that the page was run by a girl. Let’s take a look at some of the super fun comments this post got!


…How much time DO you spend picturing the people behind Facebook pages?

Bro, can you put this info into a meme so I can understand it gooder? See, he said nice things, so it’s okay for him to be surprised that girls can have smart too.

XD indeed, sir. XD indeed.

Then there were the surprised comments that thought they were being nice by commenting on Elise’s looks, because girls don’t have to ask to be judged on their looks, it’s just a given that everyone gets to do it! Yeah! It’s not look-ism if you’re being nice about it, right? As Andrew said to Yahoo!, “I’ve had people tell me I should be happy about all the comments on my looks because so many are complimentary—they can’t seem to grasp why it might make me feel uncomfortable to read thousands of comments all discussing my appearance.”

Ugly girls who love science, move along.

Then there’s this one:

Instead of the JK, maybe just hit delete until your browser dies.

This I don’t even know what to do with, especially because there were several comments like it:

May RuPaul have mercy on your soul.

This person is getting a high five for snark:

 Then there’s this convo, which I’ll let you make up your mind whether it’s serious or not, though it’s weak as hell for a joke:

I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this sir, but you have tested positive for stupid. Let’s discuss treatment options.

You guys. YOU GUYS. All she did was get a Twitter account. How is it even a thing that she’s a girl? This is why there aren’t more women in math and science fields — because asshats like this still think that gender makes a difference. This mentality goes all the way from how lab partners treat each other in middle school to who hires whom well into adulthood. It’s ignorant, it’s sexist, and it’s preventing science from progressing through great minds who aren’t being given a chance.

Funny how all these people f*cking love science, and yet don’t know that both penis and vagina people have the same brains in their heads.