I didn’t NEED this breakfast body scrub, but I WANTED this breakfast body scrub

You know when you go to the drugstore because you need basic human necessities, like your anti-anxiety medication, or clinical strength deodorant, but then you end up spending ten minutes just staring at really cute bottles and tubs? I’m not saying this happened to me yesterday, but I’m also not NOT saying this happened to me yesterday. And to my defense, Walgreens had a Buy-2-Get-1-Free deal happening with Soap and Glory products, so I would be an idiot to pass that up.

Do I NEED another tub of gritty cream in my bathroom? No. I have so many bottles of grit and lotion that I would have to live until age 300 to use them all up. But this particular pink tub spoke to me. The tub, Soap and Glory’s Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub said softly, “Gina, I smell like pancake breakfast and I contain beauty buzz words like ‘oat,’ and ‘shea,’ and ‘honey extracts.’ LOVE ME ALREADY.”


Fuck it, I bought it. I also bought “body milk” and some kind of body butter that smelled like a slice of lemon with Cool Whip on top. Buy two get one free, remember?

And I used the scrub last night in the shower: it was FANTASTIQ. You don’t even need to scoop out much to really lather it into your arms and legs and scrub, scrub, scrub. It washes away almost completely — just enough where you feel clean, but also moisturized, and soft, and smell like someone poured maple syrup all over your body (hey it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I won’t judge if you’re into that kind of thing).


Get this breakfast scrub because you’ve had a long week. Get this scrub because you secretly want to eat it. Get this scrub because you are lovely and you freaking deserve it. Get it at Target for $14.