“I Didn’t Feel Real Favorable Towards Him” And More Justification For Racism From Paula Deen.

Not surprisingly, one of my biggest fears is finding out that someone I like is racist. Really, it’s something that I worry about almost as much as whether or not someone is going to speak to me on the train. And I worry about that a lot. As a lady who often loves to eat her feelings, Paula Deen has always been there for me with her ooey gooey and deep fried treats. So you can imagine how my real butter filled heart was broken in pieces when the National Enquirer reported that Deen is a big ol’ racist.

Deen is alleged to have said some pretty ridiculous, pretty racist, and pretty ridiculously racist nonsense during a May 17 deposition, which was held in connection with a court case brought by former Paula Deen Enterprise employee, Lisa Jackson, against Deen and her brother Earl “Bubba” Hiers. In the 2012 1.2 million dollar lawsuit brought by Jackson, Jackson alleges racial workplace discrimination against Deen and sexual harrassment, infliction of distress, and assault againtst Hiers.

Unfortunately, the Enquirer has yet to provide the masses with video of the deposition. However, The Huffington Post obtained the transcript in all its racist, antebellum glory. Here’s what Deen had to say in regards to her use of the N-word:

If I’m following correctly, The Deen School of Racism says that it’s totally fine to refer to black people that you don’t find “favorable” with racial slurs, but things have changed since the 60s, you guys! Deen was also questioned about how a restaurant dining experience inspired her to plan a Southern plantation-style wedding:

To recap, Paula Deen doesn’t see a problem with using the word “nigger” when describing some black people and also thinks that reverting back to the good old days of slavery to celebrate at a wedding is just lovely. I would like to say that I’m surprised, but I’ve learned to prepare myself for the worst. I will say that what’s the most jarring about Deen’s testimony is how completely casual she seems to be about her racism. This tends to scare me much more than visceral, white-hooded racism because it says that the perpetrator doesn’t necessarily think that what they’re saying is wrong, hurtful and, yes, racist.

Deen’s attorney, Bill Franklin, has released a statement, saying, “Contrary to media reports, Ms. Deen does not condone or find the use of racial epithets acceptable. She is looking forward to her day in court.” If her last day in court is any indication of how her next day in court is going to go, I think I can safely say that we should all be prepared for Blackface.

And more importantly, does this mean that I can’t marry the hot Deen son?

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