I Can’t Remember Your Name – I’m Only Human!


It’s not personal. It really isn’t. I am no Angelina, but I do have a ton of children (code for “life”) running amuck, so I really apologize if you believe I am purposefully not remembering the one time we met on that one night when you were outside with me at the bus stop in the snow… Remember?

We all would be a lot happier if we didn’t take things personal. But then again, life is well, personal. It’s not a ‘business transaction’ going down. It is a personal relationship, whether it be passerby or someone super close. Now, I go back and forth with using the phrase, “don’t take it personal.” Sometimes I really do believe you can’t take it that way because it allows for so many emotions to be wasted on something that has genuinely nothing to do with you as a person. But then there are times that I am like, “This is surely a personal vendetta. They hate my face. My teeth. My nose. My fingertips. This is personal.”

You can’t control that. What you can control is how you handle personal vs. non personal predicaments. You can’t puppeteer the way the world looks at you but, you can maintain a sense of peace on how you survive it all. So, take your emotions by the boobies and start manning up in a situation you would otherwise go running your yapper about in a yuck filled gossip sesh at the mall. (Do people still do malls?) Otherwise, you are going to find yourself outside wondering why everyone forgets your name and you end up binging on donuts at 4am while wearing everything you own from American Apparel. #NotGood

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