This clothing company is celebrating individuality in the most awesome way

We love that we’re living in a time where the fashion industry is expanding its definition of what it is to be a model and the culture as a whole is expanding its definition of what it means to be beautiful. We love these things and so of COURSE we love the #IAmUnique campaign, spearheaded by Unique Vintage, which calls on all women to “embrace their individuality ​and feel confident in the skin they’re​ in,” and is “featuring influential fashion and body positivity bloggers celebrating ​the differences that make ​them as individuals feel beautiful.”

Unique Vintage is using some of our absolutely favorite body positivity models for this campaign and in their new fall lookbook, including Amina Mucci,  Marie Southard Ospina, and Jillian Mercado.

We reached out to Katie Echeverry, owner and executive chief officer of Unique Vintage, and asked her what the inspiration was for this badass campaign.

“We were trying to figure out a way to express and sum up what Unique Vintage stands for when we realized the people who were already telling the world and representing us as a brand so perfectly were our wonderfully diverse customers!” Echeverry explained “We’ve never had a cookie cutter customer ‘type.’ They come from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes, and from all backgrounds and beliefs. They’re mothers and pin up girls, and tatted from head to toe and everything in between. And they all have these wonderful stories and points of view on how they express themselves, especially through their style. We really just wanted to pull back the curtain and give them a platform to celebrate how truly wonderful that is.”

We also asked Echeverry how she hooked up with the glorious models participating in the campaign.

“The amazing, confident, positive women we chose to feature ooze the spirit of the #iamunique campaign,” Echeverry told us. “Their attitudes about fashion and their bodies, and their unyielding self confidence make them the literal poster children for #iamunique. We get great pride out of working with and outfitting such beautiful and inspirational women!”

And what are Echeverry’s hopes and dreams for the campaign?

“We want to inspire,” she explained. “We want everyone who wears our clothes and beyond to tell their #iamunique story. We want to continue to tell these stories, give these diverse fashion aficionados a spotlight, and spread this confidence and love in our community. We hear so many stories from customers about how ‘I thought I could never wear a bikini’ or ‘I struggled with finding my personal style’ or ‘I thought I wasn’t pretty enough to wear a twirly swing dress’ who have been inspired by seeing other people have the same struggles, who have thrown those crazy thoughts out the window! We realize we’re selling dresses and not saving the world, but at the end of the day, that’s a win for us. That’s when we give a round of high fives around the office because we know we’ve made a difference.”

Check out the rest of the models and their glorious photos and quotes over here. Also, in addition to showcasing these fierce as f— models, Unique Vintage will also be celebrating the gorgeously original women who join this campaign by using the hashtag #iamunique on social media. Hooray for Unique Vintage and hooray for being unique!!!


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