Kick off your Monday with this hysterically laughing toddler

On Saturday, McFly guitarist Tom Fletcher shared a video of his toddler son, Buzz, seeing dandelion seeds for the first time. Fletcher filmed himself and Buzz blowing the seeds away, and it might be the sweetest thing we have ever seen. Buzz found the entire thing hysterical, and his little laughs are just like joy bubbles. (Yes, “joy bubbles” are a thing we just made up).

Since the video was first posted, it has been viewed over 900,000 times on YouTube, and as one commenter pointed out, it “already has over 14 million views combined taking into account the copies posted on Facebook.” Why? because it’s simple, sweet and amazing.

In the video’s description, Fletcher sums up the whole thing perfectly: “This is why being a Dad is awesome.”

In a tweet Fletcher posted after the video went viral, he wrote: “Who knew dandelions could be so funny!” Buzz knew. Buzz knows everything. (Image via)