We are hypnotized by this rainbow coffee

We’re not picky — we’ll take our coffee any way we can get it, preferably in IV-form, ala Lorelai Gilmore. But when our coffee is colorful, even better. Mason Salisbury, a “technista” (which is a job title you get when you’re a barista who goes above and beyond in making coffee super technical) offers quite the rainbow of caffeine over at Sambalatte in Las Vegas, and thanks to Instagram, he’s able to share his best creations with the entire world.

For example, check out this video, which is absolutely mesmerizing.

Salisbury just makes it look so easy, doesn’t he? Turns out that by adding food coloring after the milk has been steamed, pretty designs will follow. It’s incredible how something so simple can turn a normal espresso into something you might find in a museum. Personally, if he served one to me, I’d probably stare at it for about an hour before actually drinking it. 

Here are a few other glorious espressos he’s made for his customers.

As a sidenote, he dedicated the espressos above to his girlfriend, which is insanely sweet.

And, finally:

This is the very first cup of rainbow coffee that inspired the rest. And while Salisbury admits that got dye all over himself in the process, this guy’s a  pro — he knows that all of the best art comes from trial and error.

Salisbury currently has over 8,900 followers on Instagram, and based on his creativity, he’ll likely gain a bunch more. Who knew that coffee art could be so inspiring?

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