Here’s what the Internet thinks about the new Beyonce + Coldplay music video, “Hymn for the Weekend”

Since Coldplay will also be teaming up with Queen Bey during their Super Bowl halftime performance on February 7th, it only makes sense that the two music forces would check off the “Film music video together” line on their bucket lists. So, they got together and created a video for “Hymn for the Weekend.”


And today the video was released. The reactions to it, are, well… split.

“Hymn for the Weekend” features Coldplay and Beyoncé in India. Beyoncé is wearing a traditional Indian Sari, henna, and an elaborate headdress, while acting, singing, and dancing like a Bollywood star.


As for Martin, he’s traveling around Mumbai in a taxi and observing Indian culture. After exiting the vehicle and joining those around him, he appears to be celebrating Holi, an ancient religious festival, by jamming out as others disperse colorful powders around him. Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor also has a cameo in the video.


After seeing the video, many are asking the question: “Appropriation or appreciation?”

Here’s what the mixed reactions look like on Twitter right now:

Since its release earlier today, the video has close to 500,000 views, which is really impressive. Check it out below. What do you think, appropriation or appreciation?

(Images via Twitter; YouTube)

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