Hygge is a Danish form of self-care (kind of) that everyone’s talking about

Did you know that Danish people are the happiest on the entire planet? It’s all thanks to a Danish phrase, Hygge.

But first, why exactly is Denmark so happy? They treasure an active and fulfilling social life over money, though their wages do come in at around $20/hour which makes some of the best nations in the world look ridiculous in comparison; life expectancy is high; volunteering and charity are integral parts of society; the government does right by its citizens with free education, healthcare, and subsidized childcare. So Denmark is doing all the right things by those who call it home and it’s paying off.

And this overall feeling of well-being and happiness is at the center of the country’s latest craze: referred to as higgle.

Like the multitude of reasons why the Danish are in high spirits and satisfied, hygge is a multi-layered thing, but it’s absolutely something that we can use here in the States right now—especially considering everyone’s high emotions after this week’s election results.


Hygge is what exactly?

Like so many words in other languages, the phrase doesn’t translate perfectly into English, but “coziness” is the most accurate definition. Self-care is an elemental part of hygge, which means you should absolutely fall back on it in times when you feel like things in your life are declining and you need to pick up the pieces and put everything together again.

Six Things That Strengthen Hygge In Your Life

Comfort food

Sustenance and nutrition are essentials for achieving hygge. So take a stab at baking your own bread and cakes at home, as well as indulging in some warm and yummy soups for the season.

Cozy blankets and pillows

What’s cozier than being snug as a bug in a rug, cloaked in a toasty blanket? Or laying your head down on a plush pillow after a long day? Place a good thermal blanket on your chairs and couches and make sure your bedroom is brimming with soft pillows.



When creating a hygge-centric mood, the right lighting is a major key. Did you know that Danish people burn more candles than anyone else on the globe? Bedrooms, offices, and even kitchens are full of the little light-beaming products. They aren’t only used on the weekends either: use them daily to cast a pleasant and gentle afterglow over everything in your life.

Outdoor Activities

Escaping into your warm abode isn’t the only facet of hygge, as placing yourself in nature is also a big part of the lifestyle. There’s no way to deny the peace and serenity that comes with a day spent at the beach or a morning hike.

Warm Drinks

Hot chocolate, apple cider, your favorite earl grey tea: they’re all so hygge.

Friendship + Intimacy

When your home and body are radiating warmth and peace, then that spills out into your surroundings and community. Bringing your family and friends into the hygge style of living—with some much needed disconnecting from the internet and social media—only further enhances that feeling of unity and tranquility.


Surefire Ways to Achieve Hygge

We love all these anyway, but here’s a list of things that are absolute ways to do hygge properly: fireplaces, positive and uplifting books, trusting one another, cozy socks, playing with your pets, toasty infinity scarves, oversized knits, holidays spent with your loved ones, flannel PJs.

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