This hydraulic press crushing metal pipes is the most satisfying thing you’ll ever watch

Around here, we have a special appreciation for the strangely satisfying, and why shouldn’t we? Whether you have anxiety or just need a freakin’ vacation from your own thoughts, some images and videos just get to us and take us to that calming place of warmth and empty minds. And isn’t that something we could all use a little bit more of? It’s like, ahhhh, that thing fit perfectly, or that is so soothingly slow motion, or wow that feels like being rocked like a teensy, thoughtless infant. So, basically, we’re here for it, even when it’s gross.

And one thing we’re definitely here for is this ah-mazing video of a hydraulic press crushing metal pipes.

Watch and be soothed, friends:

Fun fact: it was once very much A Thing on the internet for people to share and obsess about these kinds of videos. There’s even an entire Youtube channel dedicated to hydraulic presses! So if you (like us) loved the ~magical sensation~ of watching this video, you can keep on scrolling through ’em to your hearts delight. And with over a million other subscribers, you’re definitely not alone.

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