My Hilarious Interview With Twitter Sensation @MuggleHustle

WHAT UP, GIGGLERS? Just channeling my inner thuggle as I prepare to introduce you to the hustler himself, Muggle Hustle. @MuggleHustle took Twitter by storm a few years ago when he started live-tweeting the Harry Potter series, starting with Book One. Seven books, four movie audio commentaries and The Hunger Games well underway, he’s gained quite a following.

HelloGiggles is a big fan of Muggle Hustle, and the man behind the tweets was kind enough to sit down with me and chat about everything from Twitter to dating to doing his taxes. So here it is, ladies: your chance to meet the real Muggle Hustle. Sit back, relax and try not to make it weird. (His words, not mine.)

You finished live-tweeting the Harry Potter books last summer. Did they live up to the hype?

You know, they really did. But it’s tough because I didn’t really experience the books the way most people did, buying them at midnight and waiting impatiently for the next one like some sort of drug fiend. Or even someone who just decides to pick up the books for the first time tomorrow, because they’ll just read all the way through unhindered. The process of live-tweeting took me out of the story in a lot of ways. But I think I had my own unique experience with the series, so that’s alright with me.

And now you’re recording audio commentary of the movies.
Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. I was looking for a different way to approach the movies because live-tweeting during a movie is tough. In the time it takes you to write a joke, you’ve missed 2 or 3 other opportunities. So I record commentary on an audio track that syncs up with the movies, and people can download them from the website. I just finished the Goblet of Fire audio hustle, and it’s definitely the funniest so far. I had my friend on the track with me, so there is finally some back and forth instead of me just me talking to myself. It’s how I always envisioned the audio commentary, but it’s the first time I could make it happen.

Naturally we have to talk about the characters. Who was your favorite?
NO, YEAH. SURE. I CAN NARROW IT DOWN TO ONE. NO PROBLEM. If I have to play along with this lunacy I guess I’d have to say Dumbledore. That might be sort of a lame choice, but I just really enjoyed all the f*cking wisdom. Dude was on point like 95% of the time. And when he’s not saying something profound, you get the sense that he’s just walking around with it.

Most underrated?
Peeves, no question. He was basically the life-blood of Hogwarts. Or wait, maybe the Sorting Hat. His s*it was on point.

Character you want to enjoy an adult beverage with?
That’s a tie between Fred and George.

Oh, good answer. I assumed you would say Professor McGonagall. Biggest plot shocker?
Um, when Harry finally kissed a girl. I did NOT see that coming.

Do you know if J.K. Rowling or anyone from the Harry Potter movies follows you on Twitter?
Ha, Joanne ain’t got time for that. Girl is staying BUSY. Plus, I’m pretty sure if she found out about Muggle Hustle she’d just buy Twitter and ban me for life. I don’t think anyone else follows me either. One time the actress who played Cho Chang reacted to a tweet wherein I was throwing shade at Cho Chang. So that was fun.

Speaking of Twitter, at the time of our interview, you have over 44,000 Twitter followers. Be honest—did you think this account would get this big?
Nope. Nope. Nope. Never. That was, and continues being, a pleasant surprise. I always thought the idea had some potential, and that there would be people out there who would enjoy it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have stuck with it for so long. But yeah, wow. From a numbers standpoint it’s pretty crazy. But let’s be real, it’s the source material that brought most people to the account. I can’t take much credit. People love Harry Potter, and they’re looking for ways to keep that magic alive.

You seem quite popular among the ladies of Twitter. Do you want to comment on that?
I would love to comment on that, but I really have no explanation for you.

Do you have a girlfriend? Asking for a friend.
I do have a girlfriend. She’s a model. In Canada. And she definitely exists and is real so don’t bother following up.

Noted. Moving on to your next projects, you recently started live-tweeting The Hunger Games. How’s that going?
It’s been great. I’m a little rusty with the live-tweeting. Which is to say I’ve been second guessing myself a lot, but I’m mostly back into the swing of things. And people seem to be enjoying it so far. Which is always surprising to me, but yeah.

And you let your followers decide what you were going to read next, right?
Yes! That was a lot of fun. I gave everyone the options of a few of the major book series out there—The Hunger Games, A Song of Ice and Fire, Twilight as a joke but people voted for it, and Lord of the Rings. I think we had around 1,100 people vote and Hunger Games was the clear winner. And holy s*it, I am relieved because I would probably be live-tweeting ASOIAF into my thirties.

Are you going to keep the handle @MuggleHustle, or can I have it?
I will trade it to you for three bottles of bourbon and some lotion from Bath and Body Works. You know, GUY STUFF.

Who would win in a fight: Hermione, or Katniss?
Wait, why would they be fighting? Is it because they’re both in love with me? Because I definitely haven’t thought about that before and am just now thinking about it for the first time. Because you asked. What was the question? Oh right. Um, Katniss is scrappy and brave, and she has good instincts, but Hermione is smarter and HAS MAGIC. So I have to go with Hermione.

Do the words “Muggle Hustle—Other” appear on your 2013 taxes? I’m going to pretend they do.
You don’t have to pretend because they do! I had to buy the grown-up version of Turbo Tax and everything. But don’t get the wrong impression. I’m not anywhere close to quitting my day job.

What else do you read?
Oh, thank you for asking! Cormac McCarthy is my favorite author. He has a command of language that incites within me equal parts blinding jealousy and complete admiration. I’m currently reading The Crossing, which is the second book in his Border Trilogy. But his writing can get pretty arduous at times so I’m also reading Nick Offerman’s book Paddle Your Own Canoe and it is hilarious and insightful, as you might expect. I’ve been reading a lot of memoirs lately. I finished Just Kids by Patti Smith not too long ago and I can’t recommend it enough. It was so moving.

Paddle Your Own Canoe IS hilarious. Anything else you want the good people to know?
That they should wear sunscreen and stop texting while they’re driving and that I think they’re f*cking great.

There you have it, folks. Muggle Hustle is a well-read young man who does his taxes, just like the rest of us. What’s not to love? If you don’t follow @MuggleHustle, you’re doing Twitter wrong. Join the fun as he lives tweets The Hunger Games!

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