A husky gave birth to eight puppies in the back of this woman’s Mercedes, and she just asks that no one “tell my husband”

Every so often, we’re floored by tales of women giving birth in the car while en route to the hospital…but this story truly takes the cake.

A Texas woman didn’t want a husky to give birth at a local shelter, so the husky gave birth in the back of her car, and OMG.

Jennifer Taylor volunteers nearly every day at local animal shelters, specifically helping with rescue dogs. She recently met pregnant husky Debbie, and because Taylor didn’t want Debbie to give birth at a shelter, she volunteered to drive Debbie to the nearby Texas Sled Dog Rescue foster home.

Turns out, Debbie had plans of her own. As in, she was going to give birth. ASAP.

Taylor told The Dodo: “We knew this dog was pregnant, but didn’t think she was quite ready to go. My first thought was, ‘Oh no, not now! A shelter is no place to have puppies. This is not good timing, mamma, you’re supposed to hold them in until you get to your foster home.’”

Debbie ended up giving birth in the back of Taylor’s husband’s Mercedes, and within minutes, two puppies were born. Taylor has fostered about 500 dogs (!!) and her husband had purchased an SUV specifically for carting around the foster pups. But in a hurry, she rushed out in her hubby’s luxury car…unaware that Debbie would give birth in the backseat!

As the dog was giving birth in the car, Taylor took to Facebook to share a photo, quipping: "I have a husky giving birth in the back of my car. Please don’t tell my husband."


Thankfully, Taylor was able to get Debbie safely to her house, where she gave birth to eight puppies in total. Mom and babies recovered for a few days before traveling to the Texas Sled Dog Rescue.

Rebecca Chavez, an employee at Texas Sled Dog Rescue, told The Dodo, “We picked The Big Bang Theory as the theme for this family because they came in with such a bang; it just seemed fitting.”

As for Taylor’s husband: He doesn’t use Facebook, but we’re sure he forgave her when he saw these adorable new babies in action. So sweet!