These Jelly Sandals Are the Colorful, Comfy Throwback You Need In Your Life

They come in four super cute shades, too.

I have a confession: despite being a ’90s kid through and through, I never really got into the jelly sandals trend. It’s not that I thought they were weird, or ugly (trust me, I wore floaties and ponchos like it was nobody’s business). For whatever reason, I just missed the boat on all things jelly. However, when Hush Puppies sent me a pair of the brand’s new Jells sandals, an upgrade from the versions of our youth, I was curious to give them a try.

Made with the squishy, soft material certain to be familiar to many millennials, the Brite Jells Quarter Strap sandal is a pretty good replication of the original—but with some serious upgrades. For one thing, the shoes now have built-in technology within the wedge heel that provides energy rebound and keeps the soles feeling comfortable. For another, they also feature super-soft, jersey knit lining, so that your feet never get too sweaty or tight. These are sandals you can wear out and about all day long without feeling like you need a shoe change halfway through.

Even better? The Jells wedges come in four new shades, so they can pretty much complement any outfit. I wanted to keep things simple, so my pair is in vapor gray, but you can also pick sun yellow or fiesta red, both of which are so bright and fun, as well as a classic black.


Hush Puppies Women's Brite Jells Quarter Strap Wedge Sandal

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If you love the ideas of bringing jelly sandals back into your life, but you’re not feeling a strappy sandal look, don’t fear—the shoes also come in a slide silhouette. This version have all the same features as the strap sandals, except that instead of the vapor gray color option, there’s a Caribbean blue, instead.


Hush Puppies Women's Brite Jells Slide Wedge Sandal

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Whether you loved wearing jelly sandals as a kid and are aching for a throwback or, like me, you’re trying the style out for the very first time, the Hush Puppies sandals will make for a super fun, colorful addition to your wardrobe.