Hurricane Irma literally sucked all of the sea out of the Bahamas, and it is undeniably eerie

We knew on some level that it was hurricane season, but seeing Hurricane Irma in action is actually seriously scary. We knew Irma would be serious when even Disney World closed. But things seem like they’re only getting worse from here.

Already, celebrities are out in spades to try and help for the destruction of Irma. Ryan Reynolds shared a message of how to help with both Harvey and Irma. And if they’re not helping raise money, they’re out saving families! Like Kristen Bell, who legitimately saved Josh Gad’s family.

The country (and the world) are banning together to help those hurt by the hurricanes. But still, there are some things that just freak us out — like this video of the ocean literally missing from the Bahamas thanks to the storm.

Yep, Hurricane Irma swept through the Bahamas and took the sea with her.

In the video, it looks like Irma took a straw and just sucked away the sea. It looks like some dystopian novel where the main character walks in the tadpools left behind.

In any other situation, maybe this would be cool. It certainly looks interesting. But the reality of what this means is what is truly terrifying about this situation. And that’s not the only evidence, just in case you needed to see more.


What’s going to happen now in the Bahamas? Will the ocean there ever return to what it once was or as Irma completely changed the landscape of this area of the Bahamas? At least on that front, there is some good news.

Still, we can’t help but be seriously creeped out. And, honestly, worried for everywhere else. Our hearts go out to those in the path of the storm and hope that everyone comes out of this disaster safe and sound.

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