Hurrah, Chloë Moretz is our new ‘Little Mermaid’!!!

Know how there are, like, a thousand live-action fairy tale remakes in the works? How could you forget! They’re undoubtedly going to become some of our all-time favorite movies, and an upcoming film has snagged the perfect leading lady. As Variety reports, soon Chloë Grace Moretz is going to be (sings) part of that wooooorld.

Yes, that’s right, Universal has a live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid happening – note, this is not a Disney live-action remake. But even though it won’t feature our favorite dinglehopper-loving heroine, it’s still going to follow the same basic story: mermaid meets boy, mermaid falls in love with boy, mermaid saves boy’s life. Hopefully they all live happily ever after in this version. Hopefully, because the original ending of Hans Christian Andersen’s story is kind of a bummer (the prince ends up with another girl and the mermaid turns into sea foam, yeah, it’s a downer fest).

When the movie was first announced, Sofia Coppola was set to direct, but has since sadly dropped the project. Currently, there’s no new director set to fill the role, but the movie does have a GREAT screenwriter attached. Richard Curtis, who wrote Love Actually, About Time, and Notting Hill is set to pen the script, so yes, it’s possible the movie could take a sharp turn into rom-com territory. Not that we’d mind it.

But back to Moretz, who is a PERFECT choice for this role. The girl has been in literally every kind of movie, from (500) Days of Summer to If I Stay to Kick Ass. She even got her comedy (and her TV) on as the wonderfully devious Kaylie Hooper on 30 Rock. We know Moretz has got the acting chops, and can totally fight off any sort of sea witch that comes her way. The movie doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’re most definitely excited to swim under the sea for this one.

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