#Hunty, You Will Not Need Camo

Hunty (sometimes huntie) is some of that good hybrid slang! Hunty is part Honey” (HUNNY) and part, well, the C word.

C★★ty + Honey=♥Hunty♥

This word can be used as a term of endearment or a playful jab. Hunty is  a non gender specific slang word born out of drag culture. Unlike Shade and Read, which come from the ’80s ballroom scene, Hunty is just slightly newer.

You can use Hunty to let someone know you are aware they are being a little rude but you still love them (Hunty, you betta’ knock it off! Boo, you look way too cute to be so rude!”) as well as using it praise (“Hunty you are werking that neon lip!“).

Hunty is an acknowledgment of value, power and attitude. It’s a strong word and most people whom you would call Hunty would gladly accept it, and most likely use it describe themselves.

So enjoy this word, use it wisely and remember:

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