The new ‘Huntsman’ prequel posters are here. And they are intense.

If you thought Snow White and the Huntsman was working hard to shed its Disney connection, then its prequel simply titled The Huntsman: Winter’s War is really pushing to be the Game of Thrones of fairy tale features.

Just a quick peep at the posters of the upcoming film is enough to give you night sweats. Charlize Theron’s even more blood-thirsty this time around, Chris Hemsworth is even hunkier, and Jessica Chastain can chew you up and spit you out without blinking, but then again that’s the norm.

According to Mashable, the prequel follows the “Ice Queen” Freya (Emily Blunt), who flees the kingdom after a “heartbreaking betrayal.” Shortly after that, she gains the ability to freeze stuff and well…you can probably guess where it goes from there.

Just judging from these anxiety-inducing posters, we’re guessing the film has a lot of fire, fights, and smiling with your eyes. Also, no regard for the weather in this fairytale world at all. Come on Jessica Chastain! What you doing with a leather sleeveless V-neck in that cold, cold climate? I better hear that your superpower is being cold-blooded!

Check ’em out:

The Huntsman: Winter’s War is currently slated to be released in April 2016.

(Images via Universal Pictures)