Hunter and Joey King Got a Sweet Set of Matching Tattoos

It might be the cutest sister tat we've seen.

Sister! Sister! Joey King and her older sib Hunter got a cute set of matching tattoos (and then some) last week, and for a great cause. Yesterday on Instagram, LA-based tattoo artist Haney opened up about her ink session with the King sisters, sharing they had the “chance to collaborate for a great cause.” In total, Joey and Hunter collectively walked away with five new tattoos, one matching, and a $1,000 donation to a foundation of their choice. 

“Last week @hunterking & @joeyking came by! I am a huge huge fan of both; super talented, sweet, and down to earth I must say,” Haney began the caption. “We got a chance to collaborate for a great cause. We decided to make a donation to the @a21foundation.”

The mission of the A21 foundation, which has been around since 2008, is to create “a world where every single person is free.” She further explained that financial contributions help  “authorize the freedom of victims and the conviction of human traffickers.”

Together, Joey and Hunter got five tattoos inked by Haney, including a dainty flower, semicolon, interlocked set of hands, and a bandaid. The sisters also got matching ladybug tattoos, which we’re currently obsessing over.

It’s a little difficult to tell which sister got which tat, but based on our sleuthing, Joey got the interlocked set of hands on her hip and it’s also possible she got the semicolon and flower as well. Either way, the cute little ladybugs (located on the back of both sisters’ shoulders) definitely stole our hearts! 

Joey is no stranger to tattoos. The actress also got matching bear tattoos with the Ursa Major star constellation with her older sister Kelli. In 2020, she showed off fresh ink on the back of her arm of a Japanese Kanji tattoo.

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