The ‘Hunger Games’ cast supports this theory that explains a LOT about Panem

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 is now playing in theaters all across the country, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, that sounds like a great post-turkey thing to do this coming holiday weekend. While the books are certainly done and written, and now the movies have come to their epic conclusion, it’s time to start on the next phase of our Hunger Games love: Theories. Lots of theories about all aspects of the story, from the characters, to location, to what happens next. There’s even one already established theory out there that the cast of the movie is into.

Reddit user TheMartianManhunter has an interesting way to look at the series. According to them, The Hunger Games takes place in a world where England won the Revolutionary War, and the events of the books (and movies) show what might life in America might have ended up like if that had really happened.

The Hunger Games is set in the distant future, but many things line up with Colonial America, right down to the fact that there are 13 Districts in Panem, just like there were once 13 Colonies. With this reasoning, TheMartianManhunter theorizes that with England winning the war, they’d want to install fear in the Colonies, and would do this by literally getting rid of one. Then, they’d set up a command post to watch over the remaining Colonies, to make sure there are no more rebellions. Hmm, sound a lot like District 13 and President Snow?

This theory has been floating around for about a year now, gaining traction in the REALLY GOOD theory column. With Mockingjay — Part 2 finally out, now’s a good a time as any to actually ask the cast about it, and Natalie Dormer is all for it.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Dormer — who plays filmmaker Cressida in the movies, and who you might also know from Game of Thrones — backs this theory up.

“Every great writer draws on history for inspiration,” She explains. “George R.R. Martin is very informed about Rome and medieval Britain, and that obviously formed his writing of Game of Thrones. I believe Collins’ father was a historical lecturer to do with war. So she’s aware of these references.”

“I think all great writers know their history, to be honest,” She continues. “History and storytelling repeats itself.”

Dormer is right. Collins’ father, Michael, served in the Vietnam War and returning home, taught at military schools and colleges around the country, along with working for NATO and the Pentagon. So yeah, it’s safe to assume that Collins’ knows her history, especially when it comes to war, military strategy, and battlefields.

Now, did she draw on that heavily for Hunger Games, imagining a different timeline where America turns out completely different? Are the 13 Districts meant to represent the original 13 Colonies, with history repeating itself in the future? Real… or not real?

(Image via Lionsgate.)