Hunger Games theme park? We are packing our bags and buying our tickets

Are you ready for all your Quarter Quell dreams to come true? In what can only be described as a beautiful partnership, Lionsgate has teamed up with Dubai Parks and Resorts to make a, wait for it, Hunger Games theme park. We’ve known about this idea for a while, but now the plans are moving forward and we even have a tentative opening: October 2016. We cannot squeal over this enough.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is planning to build three separate theme parks, and one of them, Motiongate, will be devoted to all things Hollywood. Motiongate will have a Lionsgate Land, which will include Hunger Games inspired attractions and merchandise shops. So, basically what Fantasyland is to Disneyland, District-12-Land will be to this Motiongate. Dreams come true? Most definitely.

Details about what exactly will be included in the park haven’t been announced yet, but now we can speculate away as to what kind of HG themed attractions we might find, along with wishing and hoping for a Peeta meet and greet. Motiongate’s website boasts that it’ll include only “the latest-in-technology attractions and new-generation rides.” So seriously, where do we buy tickets? Can we pre-buy tix before said attractions even exist? Is that an option? 

Also, Dubai Parks and Resorts won’t just include Motiongate. The two other planned parks include Bollywood Parks Dubai and also Legoland Dubai. Which both sound pretty amazing as well.

Motiongate alone will encompass 4 million square feet (Disneyland is just about 3 million) so yes, they probably could build a giant arena for us to run around in. Motiongate, if you need someone to test out anything in the park before it opens, we volunteer as tribute.

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