Your animal moment of the day: hundreds of goats getting their morning run on

It’s hard to impress us with an animal video these days. YouTube is ten years old and we have seen a LOT of adorbs animal vids the past decade. We’re by no means jaded when it comes to animal videos. Still, when you’ve seen one video of a kitten sneezing, you’ve basically seen ALL the videos of kittens sneezing.

With that said, we’re putting on our impressed pants this morning b/c we must acknowledge the awesomeness that is the “Hundreds of goats running down a hill” video that is sweeping the internet. Who are these goats? Why are they running? Are these running goats somehow a metaphor for our modern lives?

Well, we can at least answer the first two questions. The goats are owned by Berkeley Lab and they are deployed to eat the dry grass around the lab to reduce the risk of fire in the area. As for if the goats are a metaphor for anything, that’s such a personal matter. You need to look deep inside yourself and decide what is and isn’t going to be a metaphor for your life.

All right,  enough philosophizing, let’s see these goats get their jog on! Video time!

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