Hundreds of Corgis, one beach

We might be the luckiest people ever of all time because we live in a world where Corgi Beach Day is a thing that exists. Run by two corgi-loving saints, Dan and Kelly McLemore, this Southern California event takes place four times a year, once per season. In April, over 500 squat ‘lil doggies gathered in Huntington Beach to celebrate spring, show off their teeny stumpy legs, and give us major cute rage (you know, when you see something so adorable, you want to punch something).

This weekend, Corgi Beach Day reached new, unfathomably furry heights when over 600 pups showed up to the gathering in Long Beach, CA. Please take a moment to imagine six sweet corgis frolicking in the sun, sand, and sea. Perfection, right?

Now multiply that by 100! *Squeals at pitch not able to be registered by human ears*

Oh, and some of the doggies even dressed up for the event. Warning: if you have trouble controlling your cute rage, you might want to find a private place to look at these photos. They are unbelievable.

This corgi is wearing a corgi-sized life vest to swim in the ocean.

These corgis not only pitched a friendship tent, but also matched their outfits. Because they ARE WEARING CORGI OUTFITS.

How is this physically possible?

Corgi Beach Day might be the solution to all of the world’s problems. Maybe it could be a huge step toward world peace. I mean, look at these smiles!

P.S. A very wonderful person “dogumented” Corgi Beach Day, and you can watch the full video here.

(Images via here, here, here, here, and here.)