The “hun” is the newest hair trend that’s taking over Instagram

Let’s face it —one of the best parts of Instagram are the beauty trends. Don’t tell me you haven’t clicked a hashtag and stalked it until you realize three hours have passed. Okay, well if you haven’t done that, you probably should, because there’s a new hair trend that’s splattered all over Instagram right now and it’s totally stalk-worthy.

People are calling it a “hun,” which is a hybrid word for “half bun.” That’s right, a half bun. You know those days where the top half of your hair just won’t function so you pull it up into a half pony? Well, it’s like that, but in the ever-popular bun form. We’ve been pretty into putting our hair up into buns in recent years. We have the big ol’ messy bun, the top knot, the low-hanging bun — and now, we welcome the hun into our lives. It helps that the name is super adorable, right?

Plus, let’s talk hair benefits. Buns are a great way to fight the summer heat. Even though we are coming to the end of summer, there are still those warm, muggy days where you feel like sticking your hair up and not talking to anyone (just me?). The hun is the perfect go-to for when you are really hot but you still have dinner plans. The hun can actually look very well put-together and elegant. Or you could totally wear it while watching Netflix and eating Friday night leftovers (which I may or may not be doing right now, #sorrynotsorry). Go for it, girls (and boys)! Hun it up.

Here are some examples in case you need some inspiration for your own hun, hon:

Lots of celebrities have been seen rocking huns, so you know this trend isn’t going anywhere! Ladies and gents, we want to see your huns!

Images via Instagram

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