Humphrey J Hedgehog has an amazing (make-believe) life

There’s a hedgehog in Hollywood living an extraordinary life — well, a pretend extraordinary life. Diane Modafferi, a community member on Bored Panda, posted a bunch of pictures of her pet hedgehog doing all kinds of amazing things — for a hedgehog (for a human too, actually). Humphrey J Hedgehog seems to love trying new things. He also seems to love posing for pictures, and he’s really good at it. But because hedgehogs can’t actually drive cars or sail pirate ships, it’s clear that the photos are staged.

Modafferi explains her motivation behind taking the pictures. “I work in the TV and film industry, so I wanted to take a cinematic approach to photographing my pet hedgehog. I use backdrops, create sets and props and use lighting to capture Humphrey as if he were in a movie scene. Humphrey enjoys exploring the new environments and gets rewarded with mealworms. He’s become a great actor! Humphrey knows his best side, always hits his mark and works the camera like a supermodel.”

Even though he’s only acting like he lives an extraordinary life, Humphrey J Hedgehog still gets to do some pretty cool things that other hedgehogs probably aren’t doing (I don’t know a lot of hedgehogs, but I imagine most don’t get to pretend star in their own movies).

Humphrey is living the dream. Check out his make-believe movie star life:

 Featured images via Bored Panda