Humans Are Amazing Beings

It’s been almost a month since the devastating EF5 tornado ripped through Moore, OK, killing 24 people and damaging more than 13,000 homes. Despite the overwhelming grief, there have been countless stories that have brought hope to the unspeakable loss. One of them was posted on HelloGiggles the day after the tornado struck Moore:

But Barbara and her dog Bowser’s story doesn’t end there. Since the video went viral, a crowdsource campaign was launched by Erin DeRuggiero. To date, “Build Barbara Garcia a Home” has raised over $55,000 for the two survivors. This just demonstrates how wonderful people are—how brightly we can shine in the darkness.

I live in Oklahoma and recently saw the destruction firsthand. There are no words to adequately describe the heartbreak, as well as the resiliency and generosity of the citizens in Moore. We were there to help them, but countless people would drive by throughout the day offering our work crew food and refreshments they hauled in the back of their trucks. Humbling.

This demonstration of human kindness is not just displayed in Moore, but throughout every trial our country has endured. I’m confident it will continue to grow and bring comfort to any difficult situation.

I also want to personally thank those of you who have, and continue to give funds and donations to the Moore relief efforts. You are loved and appreciated. Our state is overwhelmed and honored by the outpouring of generosity and support we’ve received.

You. You are amazing. xox

Photo via; Story source: Mashable