Prepare yourself: You’ll want to buy every pair of these bright, gorgeous graphic tights

We cannot wait for fall. We love you, summer, but our patience for the heat is wearing thin. As temperatures rise above 90 degrees (and feel more like, oh, roughly a billion degrees), our minds are dreaming of boots, sweaters, and pumpkin-flavored everything. Oh, and all the best tights money can buy. Lots and lots of perfect tights for everyone. And in that ongoing quest, we might have just stumbled upon the tights you’re going to be as obsessed with as we already are:

These graphic tights from The Human Made come in the brightest, boldest patterns imaginable. And we love every pair.

They cost £24.99, which is about $33. It’s totally worth the price, considering the tights completely transform your outfit into a graphic work of art.

These geometric designs are out of this world.


We want every pair.


Their sushi tights are adorable. And totally make us crave sushi.


We heart their animal tights too.


Want a dragon emblazoned across your shins? Why not?


It’s official: We’re going to buy ALL the tights this fall.


Who needs pants?! Not us. (Although we do definitely need the insane temperatures to chill a bit so we can actually stand to wear anything on our legs.)

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