This human and her lady dog had their baby/puppies on the same day

In the ultimate story of human-animal bonding, dog lover Kami Klingbeil had her baby on the exact same day that her goldendoodle, Delia, gave birth to a litter of puppies. These ladies stick together, even when it comes to, you know, child labor.

Kami had her labor induced on August 12, which was actually two days after Delia was supposed to have the puppies. But Delia was holding out. Was she waiting for Kami? It certainly seems that way, because as soon as Kami got to the hospital, her dad called to say, “We’re at your house. And the dog went into labor.” Soon after, baby Brydon was born. Kami and her husband also have a 17-month-old, so Brydon came home to a very full house.

Even though Delia technically went into labor after Kami did, she finished first. Four-legged Delia gave birth to nine puppies before Kami’s baby was born. (Such an overachiever, Delia.) No hard feelings though, obvs. Kami even joked with her friend Teresa Raczynski, a professional photographer, that they should put together a photo shoot with all the newborns, both canine and human. Teresa’s response? Let’s do it!

And they did! Less than a week later, when both the puppies and baby Brydon were only six days old, Teresa took their photos together. And the results, which she posted on her Park Avenue Photography Facebook page, are beyond sweet.

How did tiny little Brydon feel about being piled in a basket with nine puppies? He dug it. A lot. Kami told Inside Edition,”He loved it. He was hating pictures but we started putting the puppies on top of him and he loved cuddling them.” Because of course he did. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be covered in a blanket of puppies. (Seriously, where can we sign up for this?)

It sounds like Brydon takes after his dog-loving mom. It all makes sense. I mean, this little dude was basically born to be a dog lover.

Do you guys need one more basket of puppies? No, totally, us too.


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All images via Park Avenue Photography Facebook page.