Shrill fans rejoice: We have amazing news about a second season

When all six episodes of Hulu’s Shrill dropped on March 15th, we were immediately spellbound. The comedy, which stars Aidy Bryant, made waves thanks to its realistic and refreshing depiction of issues like weight, abortion, and modern womanhood in general. Our only wish was that we had more to watch. And good news, people, because the show has officially been renewed for Season 2.

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news on April 15th, noting that the series’ second installment will arrive in 2020. In more good news, Season 2 of Shrill will be eight episodes instead of six—meaning there will be even more to love than in Season 1. In March, Bryant told THR that she felt there is “a world where we can squeeze a couple more [seasons] in,” so it’s possible that a Shrill Season 3 will also become a reality.

Elizabeth Banks, one of the show’s executive producers, tweeted about the renewal today.

"Been waiting to share this news," she wrote. "So excited & proud. Aidy, Ali, and Lindy, let's gooo! #Shrill"

Bryant herself also shared the news, thanking fans and supporters in an Instagram post.

Shrill is based on Lindy West’s memoir Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman. Variety notes that Bryant wrote the adaptation along with West and showrunner Alexandra Rushfield. Bryant and West also serve as executive producers, too. With so many incredible women behind this show, it’s no wonder it’s so authentic.

Counting down the days until we get more Annie being her badass self (and fingers crossed for more body-positive pool parties).

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