Hulu’s new season of ‘The Mindy Project’ sounds downright amazing

We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when Hulu picked up Fox’s The Mindy Project—Mindy Kaling’s hilarious series we just can’t live without.The story of Mindy, Danny, and their rag-tag team of OB/GYN co-workers will get to continue, and on a platform that allows for a bit more experimentation than traditional networks. But with so many changes on the horizon (you know, like a baby), what will the Hulu version of The Mindy Project really look like? Well, The Hollywood Reporter talked to the team behind the show and gave us an idea of where the story is heading. And guys, it sounds incredible! Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming season.

The core of the show will be the same. 

Fear not, those who dread change! Mindy and Danny may be welcoming their first child, but the show will stay true to what we all fell in love with. Workplace weirdness, Mindy’s relatable anxieties, and her perfectly imperfect dynamic with Danny will all remain the driving forces of the series.

But Baby Lahiri-Castellano will make some waves.

The show won’t ignore the fact that babies bring complications (and joy, obviously joy). Danny and Mindy may be the same, but their lives are forever changed with the addition to their family. For Mindy, that means getting a little fierce:  “We’ll see how her bad behavior comes out in ways that are in protection of her child,” Kaling told THR. Meanwhile, Danny will be grappling with his own childhood and trying to be a better father than the one he had. Mindy will also be faced with the fact that she finally has what she always wanted — a romantic relationship, a family, and her own clinic. So what happens now?

Worried that this means the show might get mundane? Well, fear not. Kaling had this to say about those who stress about the tiny new cast member: “We have some fun, big moves coming up in the series. I think that a lot of people have expressed worries of like, ‘Oh no, are episodes just going to be Mindy and Danny heating up a baby bottle? That’s not interesting at all.’ I know a lot of interesting people who have children and I think that is just the way that we choose to tell their stories based on how interesting and dynamic these characters are.”

Mindy and Danny aren’t the only “new” parents.

When last season ended, Danny had flown to India to meet Mindy’s parents for the first time. And the show will pick up right where the story left off, which means we get to meet Mindy’s parents. Mindy’s dad is based on the men of Jane Austen novels, while her mom is “totally original” and something Kaling has “not seen on a TV show before.”

And rest assured that you’ll see more of Danny’s mom, Annette. Rhea Pearlman will be appearing in the upcoming season, this time as a new grandmother!

Female friendships and workplace additions will be featured.

When The Mindy Project first aired, the show included a few of Mindy’s friends, who quickly fell by the wayside as the series transitioned to focusing more on Mindy’s love life. But female friendships will be a big part of the upcoming season. No more details were given, but it sounds like women will play a huge part in Mindy’s transition to motherhood.

The office crowd will also be growing, as two new characters are introduced, although nobody can replace Peter Prentice (Adam Pally).

Obviously, we’ll be anxiously waiting for Hulu to announce a premiere date.

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