Hulu’s latest deal include some of our favorites (Dawson’s Creek! Eeep!)

“Hulu makes dreams come true” is a phrase that really rolls off the tongue, isn’t it? That’s probably because Hulu is kicking off 2016 in a seriously amazing way: It’s signed a multi-year licensing deal with Sony. In other words, we get every single episode of Dawson’s Creek. SEE, HULU MAKES DREAMS COME TRUE.

Yesterday, the deal was announced by Hulu’s senior vice president and head of content Craig Erwich at the Television Critics Association press tour in California, reports Variety. And Dawson’s Creek is just the tip of the streaming iceberg: All episodes of Party of Five, The Shield, and Damages will be available to watch on Hulu. Oh, and Jerry Maguire, Midnight in Paris, and My Best Friend’s Wedding are just a few of the rad films we’ll be able to stream from the Sony archives. It’s like we’re getting the Seinfeld news all over again.

So even though we’re all for the nostalgia here, why the intense channeling of the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s? At the Television Critics Association press tour, the streaming company set up a panel with creators Darren Star (Beverly Hills, 90210), Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars), and Anthony Zuiker (CSI). All of these shows have been made available to stream online years after their end.

“Taking stuff that’s decades old and putting it on Hulu just legitimizes it and makes it cool again,” Zuiker said during the panel, according to Variety.

“I think we’re all here because we’re excited that new audiences are seeing our show. In the case of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ it’s still touching a different generation of teenagers,” Star added. “. . . There are a lot of shows that may not have had a home.”

Dawson’s Creek always had a home in our hearts, but now, it has a home with Hulu, too. Get prepared to binge-watch.

(Image via Sony.)

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