This mom made her twin girls a ‘Hulk princess cake’ and it’s exactly as wonderful as it sounds

While we’re always majorly in love with cake — because, CAKE — we’re super in love with one particular mash-up cake right now. What do you get when you are asked to bake a “Hulk princess cake?” Exactly the kind of cake you’re thinking of, which is downright amazing. It almost looks too good to eat — but we’re going to eat it, because cake.

Lainie Elton of Toronto, Canada, has two 4-year-old twin daughters. As their birthday approached, Elton asked what kind of cake they wanted for the big day. One twin (and their names are being withheld for privacy) asked for a “Hulk princess cake.” The other twin immediately agreed. And when your 4-year-old twin daughters ask for a Hulk princess cake, you figure out how to bake a Hulk princess cake.

“I have no idea how she came up with the idea but they’re currently on a major Avengers kick, and they’ve always loved their princesses,” Elton explained to Today. “I knew I had to try it out!”

Elton made the cake from scratch, and figured it out as she went. Her idea was to use a real Hulk action figure, and insert him into a cake dress — and it worked. In the end, she presented her daughters with a cake that is three tiers tall, a foot wide, and 9″ deep. THAT IS A BIG CAKE. But then again, the Hulk is a big guy.

Mom’s also thrilled that her girls though outside-the-box for their cake, and completely embraced it. “I’m happy the lines are getting blurry and I think the concept of enforcing those traditional roles seems a little outdated,” she explained. “We support them playing with whatever they happen to be interested in at any given moment. The interests of a 4-year-old are fleeting so we try to capture those moments to help foster whatever they may be into at any given time.”

Even though it was an odd choice, and a difficult one to make, Elton didn’t want to deny them this mashup. Superheroes aren’t just reserved for boys, and princesses for girls, and the antiquated concept that they are is something “they shouldn’t need to understand at their age.” RIGHT ON, MOM.

So what does the finished masterpiece look like? It looks like the best cake ever baked. Hulk is dressed gorgeously in a purple and pink dress, completely with a ruby red crown on top. You know he’s totally smiling under all that green skin.

Also, a huge happy birthday to these two little girls, who’ve got some amazing thoughts for 4-year-olds. Can’t wait to see what kind of cake you think up for birthday #5!

(Image via Marvel and Lainie Elton/Imgur.)