“Hugs Not Walls” reunited families at the Mexico border and it’s so sweet we’re actually crying

This fall, an incredible event took place that seriously left us with tears in our eyes. For just three minutes, families were able to reunite at the Mexico border as a part of “Hugs Not Walls.” According to A Plus, the #HugsNotWalls campaign created by The Border Network of Human Rights, a human rights advocacy organization, made this brief but important moment possible.

For less than five minutes, hundreds of families were able to reconnect at the Rio Grande between El Paso and Juarez thanks to Hugs Not Walls.

It’s so heartwarming, but also so, so heartbreaking.

See for yourself.


It’s so awful to think that these families are being torn up by something as made up as a border. There’s no inherent reason they have to be separated. It’s just so awful to even think about, but it’s something we can’t afford to ignore, especially since Donald Trump keeps pledging to build a wall keeping these families apart.


According to Mexico News Daily, one of the organizers, Dylan Corbett from the Hope Border Institute, explained,

“Today in the United States, in the middle of the presidential election campaign, a culture of division, of racism, of hate, of xenophobia is being promoted, one that is making our border a place of division."


He continued,

“No to the militarization of the border, no to the division of families; we are here to ask the government [of the U.S.] to stop deportation . . . and the separation of families.

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