Hugh Jackman lip-syncing ‘Teenage Dream’ is the Wednesday pick-me-up you need

It’s Wednesday. It’s mid-afternoon. There isn’t enough Starbucks in the world to help you over the hump that is Wednesday, mid-afternoon. But maybe coffee isn’t the answer. Maybe the pick-me-up you’re really hankering after (even if you’re not entirely aware of it yourself) is watching a hunky Australian actor lip-syncing a classic Katy Perry song.

Don’t believe me? Feast your eyes on the majesty that is Hugh Jackman, dub-smashing (which I just decided is now a verb) “Teenage Dream” while sitting in his car, presumably parked in his driveway, listening to the song on repeat. The part-time Wolverine posted the adorable video to his Instagram with the caption, “Oh nothing much … just singing along to @katyperry! Living a teenage dream!!”

Sure, Hugh. Nothing much. Just making the world a way better place with your crazy facial expressions.

Oh, hello, dancing eyebrows.

Can we just take a second to imagine what it must be like for Katy Perry to get an Instagram notification alerting her to the fact that THE Hugh Jackman is not only a fan of her music, but also lip-syncing it for all the internet to see? Stars align! If I cross my fingers hard enough, maybe she will reciprocate by dub-smashing (there it is again; someone call Webster’s) one of Hugh’s epic performances in Les Miserables. My top suggestions: “Who Am I?,” “One Day More,” or “Bring Him Home,” for those high notes. Or should I say, those Hugh notes?

Do you feel a little bit more energized or is it just me? For more Wednesday inspiration, check out the full video in all it’s glory, down below.

(Images via here, here, here, and here.)