Hugh Jackman accidentally became a meme during the 2018 Golden Globes

Award shows require constant vigilance, because you never know when the camera is going to pan over to you. One second you’re just hanging out in your seat, minding your own business, and then next BOOM, suddenly everyone in the audience, and watching at home, can see exactly what you’re up to. That’s why you’ve got to always be on your A-game, and while we’re not saying that Hugh Jackman was anything less than perfect during the Golden Globes, the camera happened to catch him during at a not-great-time. It didn’t take long for the internet to notice Hugh’s face during the Golden Globes, and it took even less time for his perplexed and confused face to start spreading

The actor was nominated for his work in The Greatest Showman, and though he went home empty handed at the end of the night for the 75th award show, we’re all winners here. Jackman lost the award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical to James Franco, and the camera — when not showing Franco up on stage — seemed to turn back to Jackman at every cut.

And thus, Confused Jackman was born, the first real Award Show Meme of 2018. We’re so blessed right now.



There is something oddly mesmerizing about the fact that Jackman is just so still, and so engrossed in the moment (…of confusion?) that he can’t even move. OH YES, there’s video! false

Jackman…probably didn’t realize he looked like this at this exact moment in time.

This face wasn’t the only face he made during the show. Jackman *did* have some moments of sheer glee, like when The Greatest Showman took home the award for Best Original Son for “This Is Me.” false

Ah well, unfortunate reactions happen to the best of us — but most of us don’t end up on TV and then Twitter. Here’s to Jackman’s facial expressions during the 2018 Oscars!