HUGE ‘Serial’ news: It’s coming back for two(!) seasons

Podcast mania! Following the massive success of Serial, everyone’s favorite real-life crime podcast, it seems like more and more amazing podcasts have been popping up all over the Internet on the regular. Many of them have found their way to our phones, iPads, and computers, but nothing will ever fill the void left by the end of Serial. Well, good news Serial lovers: The incredible investigative series is returning for not one, but two seasons.

We can barely contain our excitement and our excitement kinda looks like this: !!!??!!! Is this what it’s like when a podcast dream comes true?

As Bustle reported, the Serial team is already back on the job with season two, and are trying to limit the time-span between the end of one season and the beginning of the next. In an e-mail sent out to Serial subscribers, the Serial team detailed that, “As it stands, we intend to launch Season Two this fall and Season Three next spring. Sorry — we can’t tell you details about the new stories yet. What we can say is that they’re very different from Season One, but no less interesting to us.”

That means we only have to get through the long, hot summer without Serial, and come this fall it’ll be back, with more on the way shortly thereafter. Can’t help but wonder what their new focus will be, but that doesn’t even matter right now as long as Thursday mornings once again mean Serial sessions over bowls of cereal. Welcome back, Mail Kimp. We’ve missed you.

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