This huge rat running around a London department store Christmas display is absolutely terrifying

Try as we might, but we can’t seem to come up with anything nice to say about this video of a huge rat running around a London department store. Framing it in an “OMG, this cute rat lurves shopping” kind of way like that adorable beaver that shopped for Christmas decorations just isn’t gonna cut it. Rodents rolling up on unsuspecting customers is one thing, but this rat is insanely huge, unbelievably creepy, and downright terrifying.

The Evening Standard shared video of the rat running loose inside a Christmas window display in the London borough of Bexley and ugh, we can barely get through the footage without pausing and cringing.

Brace yourselves because it’s easily the grossest thing you’ll see today.

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Martin Peaple captured the runaway rat on video and shared the footage on Twitter, captioning the post, “Rat running loose in Primark Bexleyheath.” He told the Standard, “I had heard people talk about it but did not believe them until I went for a fag and saw it just walking up down inside the shop,” adding, “It’s not the sort of thing you expect to see in a shop.”

Adding insult to injury, the rat even stopped a couple of times, stood up on its hind legs and glared into the camera like it was posing for a photo.

A spokesperson from Primark released a statement about the rat sighting, pegging it as “an isolated incident which has now been dealt with‎.” We hope that means future shoppers can avoid these rat encounters of the worst kind.