18 thoughts ever cat has when you try to give her a hug

Today is Hug Your Cat Day, which, let’s be honest, we cat-lovers have been observing year-round. But June 3rd gives us just another reason to pester our reluctant kitties until they finally give up and let us scoop them into our arms for a good old-fashioned snugfest. While we love every moment spent hugging our furry friends, they’re usually not quite as enthusiastic. If we were to tap into their brains, we’re sure we’d hear some of these thoughts in this order:

1. Are you coming to feed me?

2. If you’re not feeding me I’m not interested.

3. There is literally no reason for you to be this close to me.

4. Wait, what’s happening?

5. nO thaANK YOU!

6. BRB, running under the bed and staying there forever.

7. Hold up — is that a feather?

8. Excuse me, I have to go murder it.

9. You again? Ugh, I fall for that every time!

10. Okay, you can stroke me, but there’s absolutely no way you’re picking me up.

11. I said there’s absolutely no way — okay, fine, you’re picking me up.

12. I’m not going to be happy about this.

13. Nope, not even if you give me pets.

14. Or kisses.

15. Uhh, nope. That’s not purring. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m definitely not enjoying this.

16. Okay, I’ll admit it. This is nice.

17. Wait, you’re done?

18. Nope, now that it’s my idea, you’re never allowed to stop hugging me!

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