Why Hufflepuff is secretly the best Hogwarts house

It’s a common icebreaker question (at least among former Scholastic Book Club members of a certain age): Which Harry Potter house would you be in? Crossword puzzle addicts proclaim they’re in Ravenclaw. The adventurous among us think they’re Gryffindors. Self-aware, overly ambitious types don’t mind admitting they’re Slytherins. And no one dares pick poor Hufflepuff.

And why not? Hufflepuff is awesome. I wish I were nice enough to be a Hufflepuff (I’d probably be a Slytherin if it weren’t for a severe phobia of snakes). And there are plenty of reasons why we should all cross our fingers and whisper HufflepuffHufflepuffHufflepuff if we should be lucky enough to have the Sorting Hat on our heads.

It’s home to heartthrob Cedric Diggory

Oh, Cedric. The first line of defense in every heated house debate: Cedric Diggory was a Hufflepuff. And I’d like to think this wasn’t a weird Sorting Hat fluke. There’s no doubt Cedric was brave (see: fighting a dragon, saving Cho from seriously terrifying mermaids, and, I don’t know, voluntarily entering a competition with a history of causing death). And clever — after all, he did solve the golden egg riddle well before Harry. But two outstanding traits outweighed his brains and valor: Cedric was kind, and he was fair. He refused to wear anti-Potter garb, nobly returns a favor and tips Harry off about challenge two, and (unfortunately) insists on going splitsies on the Triwizard Tournament trophy. Cedric Diggory doesn’t just make the Hufflepuff house proud. He’s an example of why you should be proud to be a Hufflepuff.

PS – Nymphondora Tonks was a Hufflepuff too, and she’s so metal that she married a werewolf. Who doesn’t want to be a Hufflepuff now?

You know Hufflepuffs are Hogwarts resident hippies

I mean, come on. The head of their house is a Herbology professor. Not to mention that Helga Hufflepuff is known for her policy of accepting everyone and treating them all the same. Their dorm entrance may as well be under a “Long Hairs, Use Side Door” sign. But instead it’s in the kitchens, right next to all the food. Midnight snacks = yesss.

Hufflepuffs showed up at the battle of Hogwarts

Innately brave Gryffindors may have dueled with more Death Eaters, but little known fact: Hufflepuffs had the second highest number of students willing to fight. One oft forgotten and very admirable Hufflepuff trait is that they’re fiercely loyal—which comes in handy if Death Eaters every storm your castle. Not that I’d wish that on anyone.

Badgers are incredible

Just like the Hufflepuff house they represent, badgers are extremely underrated creatures. On top of being very, very cute as babies, the honey badger is kind of internet famous for just doing what it wants. (Which includes murdering venomous snakes, so watch out self-proclaimed Slytherins.)

They’re the underdogs

Rocky Balboa. The East Dillon Lions. Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That. We love rooting for the dark horse (even if that dark horse still looks smoking in glasses and paint splattered overalls). And is there more of an underdog in Harry Potter than Hufflepuff, who shares its house colors with the oft-slighted Yellow Power Ranger? I think not.

Uh, they can still do magic

We Muggles (or No Maj’s, if you still think that’s going to happen) may spend happy hour Hogwarts house debates sticking up our noses at Hufflepuffs, but lest we forget: Hufflepuffs can fly. Y’all, Hufflepuffs can apparate. Hufflepuffs go to Hoggity Hoggity Hogwarts. This is the stuff we dream of and can only sort of imagine. So go Hufflepuff!

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