Someone just made a Hufflepuff rap that’s so awesome we want to transfer houses

Poor Hufflepuffs don’t always get a lot of love from Harry Potter fans. After all, Gryffindor is the house we hear about the most, followed by the nefarious Slytherin. But this recent rap parody gives the Hogwarts Hufflepuffs some much needed love. And it’s about time! The Hufflepuff need for love is so dire that Eddie Redmayne gave a pro-Hufflepuff PSA. (After all, Newt Scamander is a Hufflepuff...not to mention Cedric Diggory, RIP.) Frankly, many of us think Hufflepuff is the best house.  And we’re glad band Amontiok has decided to sing about our beloved Hufflepuffs.

Check out the Hufflepuff-inspired rap:

The lyrics, by Chris Bramante (who also stars in the video), Dax Schaffer, and Rich Costales, are incredibly clever. Check them out:

All aboard the express to Hogwarts It’s time to meet the talking hat that magically sorts I see you in the corridor hoping for Gryffindor Think that’s where you need to be to be the best sorcerer? But have no fear, first years, cuz I’m hear to tell ya The truest hearted wizards are grown in the House of Helga

Even Newt Scamander gets a shout out in the song!

Now, let us dispel a little of the slander Lest you forget you’re dealing with the house of Newt Scamander You may have heard his name from a few of your teachers The man who discovered all the magical creatures He started at the Ministry as a low employee But boy he leveled up, became the world authority From Turkey to Thailand You cannot confine him Talking all about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

You can read all the clever lyrics on the YouTube page. These guys have a gift. Seriously, we think there should be a Hufflepuff rap in the next Fantastic Beasts film!

H/T to Nerdist.

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