Huda Kattan transformed into Angelina Jolie, and the resemblance is uncanny

Transformation Tuesdays are literally the best thing on the internet, as beauty and makeup lovers everywhere show off all their stunning makeovers. And of course, beauty queen Huda Kattan is no exception — she transformed herself into Angelina Jolie, and OMG, you guys, the resemblance is totally uncanny.

Now, Huda Kattan is no stranger to beauty transformations; the beauty guru has already created looks inspired by celebs like Ariana Grande and Eva Longoria. That’s not all, either — she has transformed herself into crazy characters like Princess Jasmine, Maleficent, and even a zombie (you gotta see the tutorial yourself!) for Halloween. But now Huda totally outdoes herself on Instagram with a new Angelina Jolie-inspired look that’s all sorts of awesome!

Totally nailing Jolie’s signature look of full brows, blue eyes, and bee-stung lips, it’s safe to say that Huda could pass for Angelina look-alike, especially since many of Huda’s fans couldn’t tell the difference until they read the caption.

Even we were fooled a little bit, cause the resemblance really is on point.While it’s true that Huda released an Angelina Jolie-inspired tutorial on her YouTube channel last year, her 2017 rendition of the look seriously deserves a new tutorial all on its own.

I mean, we’re just dying to know which products she used to get Jolie’s larger-than-life lips. Plus, those gorgeous brows really deserve a hashtag all of their own.

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